VTAC Year 10 Guide and Prerequisites 2019 now available

The electronic version of the new Year 10 Guide is now available from the Publications section of the VTAC website. The Year 10 Guide combines the policy information formerly found in the front section of VICTER with the subject selection and ATAR advice from Choice.

Additionally, prerequisite listings for 2018 (updated) and 2019 (new) courses are now available as PDF downloads. When the Prerequisite and Course Explorer is launched later this year, it will become the primary source for prerequisite information. PDF files will also be provided for the next two years as a transitional period. As changes occur, the PDF of each of the prerequisite listings will be updated. Check the version and last updated dates to ensure that you have the latest edition.

Printed copies of the Year 10 Guide for every Year 10 student will be sent to Victorian schools in late July, along with the ABC of Applying and VTACmag.

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4 replies

  1. Hi VTAC,

    We haven’t received VTAC Mag or Year 10 guides yet just wondering about the timeline for arrival in schools? Thanks Annette

    • Hi Annette,

      All deliveries should have arrived by now. Please check with your reception area – the boxes are addressed to “The Careers Advisor” so don’t always end up going to the right person straight away. If the boxes are not with your reception, please email Schools Liaison and we can track your package.


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