Upcoming developments for 2016

We will publish more information about each of these projects when available, but here’s a preview of some exciting new projects planned for release this year, some of which have already been announced.



See our earlier post for more information on VTACmag, an exciting new magazine-format publication targeted at Year 12 students and those considering a return to study. VTACmag contains engaging information about all aspects of the VTAC application process and tertiary study in general. Available in late July as an eMagazine (RRP $4.49 inc. GST) or in print format (RRP $7.95 inc. GST) from newsagents (check the blog for information about school copies and bulk orders).


VTAC CourseSearch App

This year, we are pleased to launch a VTAC CourseSearch App, which will allow practitioners and applicants to search and view course information online and offline (with updates to offline content when the device is online). Course information is our primary focus for the launch of the app, however in future years we plan to incorporate additional functionality into the app such as prerequisite searching and ultimately applications and messaging. The app will be available in August for $1.49 inc. GST from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and from Google Play for Android phones and tablets.


Prerequisite and Course Explorer

We are launching a new tool specifically designed to help secondary students explore their course options and the impact of changing VCE study programs. The Explorer will allow students to enter a current or planned VCE study program, and then explore the available courses and impact of changing their program. Practitioners can also enter a single subject to view courses which list that subject as a prerequisite. The Prerequisite and Course Explorer will be available from late July this year.


Refinements to existing tools

CourseSearch and CourseLink will both be updated with new content and features based on feedback from user surveys earlier in the year. Thanks to everyone who completed a survey or provided feedback in other ways.


3 replies

  1. I hope VTAC will produce a Wall Planner for schools this year. They provide an important resource for schools.

    • Hi Mark,

      We are no longer producing a printed calendar as the majority of schools indicated that they did not use it. All key dates are available here: http://vtac.edu.au/dates.html, and we will be making a downloadable file available later on for import into electronic calendars.


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