2016 VTAC Publications Ordering

VTAC distributes the following publications, free of charge, to all Victorian secondary schools in late July:

  • A copy of The Year 10 Guide for each Year 10 student
  • A copy of the ABC of Applying for each Year 12 student
  • Three complimentary reference copies of VTACmag, an engaging magazine-format publication aimed at those applying for tertiary study.

VTACmag is VTAC’s new printed publication for Year 12 students and others considering tertiary study. VTACmag will contain practical information about the VTAC process and preparing for study, in an interesting, friendly format. VTACmag will be available for purchase in printed format from newsagents (RRP $7.95 inc. GST), and for tablets and smartphones as an eMagazine ($4.49 inc. GST).

The Year 10 Guide is a new magazine-format publication replacing the advice and policy information previously found in Choice and VICTER.

For the ABC of Applying, Year 12 numbers are automatically received by VTAC from the VCAA, however each school must enter the number of enrolled Year 10 students on the form below by 5pm, Friday 24 June to ensure that the correct number of copies of The Year 10 Guide are received.

Action needed: all Victorian secondary schools

Enter your Year 10 student numbers here

Schools can also choose to order printed copies of VTACmag in bulk by submitting the form below by by 5pm, Friday 24 June.

Action needed: schools wishing to order bulk printed copies of VTACmag

Complete the order form here


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