Sorting CourseLink data for Round 2 counselling

With offer data now available in CourseLink, you can use the built-in sorting function to identify various groups of students.

You can click any column heading in the Student Data screen to sort the list by that column. Clicking again (sorting twice) will reverse the sort direction. This post demonstrates how to use a series of sorts in sequence to identify a specific group of students.

Students who did not receive an offer in Round 1:

Sort twice by Paid? and then sort once by Offered?

sorting 1

These students might be encouraged to change their preferences prior to the next round to add some pathway or backup options.

Students who did not pay the course application fee:

Sort twice by Applied for Course and then once by Paid?

sorting 2


Students with “Yes” in the Applied for Course column and a blank paid column are eligible to pay the special late processing fee which will make them eligible for change of preference and offers in future rounds. Applicants can pay this fee from their VTAC user account.

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