Offer release resources

Round 1 undergraduate offers will be released on Monday 18 January.

Video resource: We have produced an animated video in collaboration with ATAR Notes to explain the offer process (how to get offers, and what to do next). Please feel free to include the link or embedded video in any email communications with students.

How students will receive their offers


Email: By 2pm, VTAC will have emailed all applicants receiving an offer with the name of the course and institution making the offer. Emails will be sent from the early morning, with distribution complete by 2pm.


Online: From 2pm, the VTAC user account will be open with the same information that was sent by email.


Enrolment: The institution making the offer will contact the student directly with instructions to accept and enrol the offer. These instructions will not be available in the VTAC user account.


How careers practitioners can access offer information


Offers will be available in CourseLink by 5pm on the day that they are released.


Offer information will be visible:

·         On the student data screen, and in each student’s details page

·         In the offer reports

·         In the course preferences report

View our screencast for help accessing and downloading offers:


In CourseLink, what does “RD0” mean?
RD0 refers to Round 0, i.e. early round. This only applies to international Year 12 students. RD0 next to a course code indicates that an offer was made to a student in International Early Round.

How do students accept their offers this year?
The email notification from VTAC is offer advice only. It does not contain enrolment instructions. The institution making the offer will contact the student directly with instructions to accept and enrol.

What if the enrolment instructions do not arrive?
If a student has not received enrolment instructions from the institution within two days, they should contact the institution directly for advice. VTAC staff do not have access to enrolment instructions.

When does change of preference reopen?
As listed on the Dates and Fees page of the VTAC website, Change of Preference will be open prior to Round 2 from 10am, Tuesday 19 January.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, please refer to the Offers FAQ on the VTAC blog.

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