Access to the IB notional ATAR

The IB notional ATAR is now available in the VTAC user account. IB applicants can access their notional ATAR by logging in to the VTAC user account and following the link on the Home tab:

notional atar link

Change of Preference through the VTAC user account is now open from the Course Application tab, and will be open until 4pm (AEDT) today, Monday 4 January.

The IB notional ATAR is also available to careers practitioners on CourseLink.

To view a student’s notional ATAR, go to the Students page and click on a student’s surname to open their details. If a student has met the requirements for the IB diploma, the notional ATAR will appear next to the “ATAR” label:

courselink atar field

Staff with access to IB results but not CourseLink can refer to the 2015 conversion table.

Please note that IB notional ATAR information is provided for the primary purpose of counselling. Any marketing material which identifies or could identify an individual student requires the prior written consent of that student.

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