End of year updates, Change of Preference resources and videos

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to be reminded of some upcoming dates and deadlines, as well as the change of preference process between offer rounds.

Upcoming dates

Change of Preference closes 21 December (12pm)
Change of Preference opens to accommodate IB and WA applicants 4 January 2016 (10am-4pm)
Round 1 offers released 18 January 2016

(On CourseLink from 5pm)

Change of Preference reopens after Round 1 19 January 2016 (10am)

Change of Preference between offer rounds

The majority of offers are made in Round 1, so students should get their preferences right by 21 December (12pm). However, students will also have the opportunity to change their preferences between each offer round (replacing the negotiated offer process from previous years).

  • While Change of Preference is open between rounds, applicants can:
    • add;
    • remove; or
    • re-order their preferences.
  • Courses with early closing dates cannot be added at this point
  • An offered preference cannot be deleted, but can be moved up or down
  • Only preferences higher than an offered course will be considered


International Baccalaureate students

  • Results: Notional ATARs will be available to students in their VTAC user account from 10am on Monday 4 January. They will also be visible to schools on CourseLink from this time.
  • Change of Preference: Change of Preference will be open from 10-4pm on Monday 4 January. IB students can use this window to change their results, and are sent an email reminding them of this in late December.

ATAR Notes video series

We have produced a series of videos in collaboration with ATAR Notes. These animated videos explain various aspects of the VTAC application process. Videos that are relevant for this time of year include:

The preference system explained


How the preference system works, and why it’s important to list preferences in the order that courses in the order that the student wants to do them.

How to access your course offer, and what to do next


How students can access their course offers, and what it means to accept, reject, and defer an offer.

All about Change of Preference


How change of preference works between rounds, and why it’s important to get preferences right before round 1.

You can send links to these videos to students at the relevant time, or publish links on school intranets/portals if Year 12 students are still accessing these services. We are also publishing them directly to applicants via social media.

Holiday closure

VTAC will be closed to the public from the afternoon of Thursday 24 December until Monday 4 January. Thank you for all of your support this year, and we wish you a restful summer break.

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