FAQ: Amendments to the ATAR

VCE results as reported to VTAC may change for reasons including the release of results previously withheld due to unpaid VCAA fees for international students.

Process and timeline for results changes

All changes must come through the VCAA. VTAC cannot change an ATAR based on direct advice from a school or applicant.

VCAA will advise VTAC of any changes to student results. This process occurs daily during the results period. VTAC will re-calculate any affected ATARs on a daily basis, and provide a daily update to the Joint Results Service (and CourseLink). This means that it could take between 24-72 hours from when the VCAA advise VTAC of a change for an ATAR amendment to take be visible on the Results Service, CourseLink, and the user account.

Confirming an amendment

All previous ATAR calculations will remain visible on CourseLink, with the current ATAR at the top. All visible ATARs are date- and time-stamped. The ATAR seen by the student on the online results service also has a date and time visible.

If only one ATAR calculation is visible on CourseLink, the ATAR has not changed since it was released. For assistance in managing a situation where the student insists an ATAR has changed despite evidence that it has not, please contact the Privacy Officer at VTAC.

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