Resources for ATAR release

Student access from 7am, Monday 14 December

  • Online:
  • SMS: See SMS instructions
  • Printed statements: Posted Monday, to arrive Wednesday

Troubleshooting student queries? Use our quick reference for careers practitioners


Accessing ATAR information in CourseLink

Demonstration on YouTube:

There is no separate ATAR file. ATAR information will appear at the designated release time:

  • On the Students page, and in the details tab for each student
  • In the Course Preferences report

How do I download a file with the ATARs? Go to the Students page, and use the red Download button. The provided Excel file includes an “ATAR” column

How do I print the ATARs, one per page? Use our instructions for printing the Course Preferences report. The ATAR will appear on each page, along with the student’s preferences.


Webinar recording

The recording of our webinar from yesterday is now available. Topics discussed include Change of Preference between offer rounds, ATAR release and privacy.

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