Changing the Results Service PIN

As announced earlier in the year, all VCE students (regardless of whether they are VTAC applicants) will use their VCE student number and Results Service PIN to access their ATAR and VCE Results in December.

By default, the Results Service PIN is the first four digits of the student’s birthdate, e.g. 3 February is 0302. The PIN change service is now available, and we strongly encourage all students to change their Results Service PIN from the default prior to the release of results. The Results Service PIN is completely separate from the VTAC PIN.

To access the PIN change service, students must verify their identity by confirming their VCE student number and date of birth on the login page. If students have registered with VTAC, they can bypass the identity verification step and go directly to the PIN change service from the link on the homepage of their VTAC user account:


Detailed instructions are available on the VTAC website:

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  1. Hi Dora,

    Yes it does – Year 11 students will use the same results service to access study scores for any Unit 3 & 4 VCE studies. Note that scaled study scores will not be displayed to students unless they qualify for an ATAR.


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