Course amendments for week ending 9/10/15

The following course amendments have been recorded this week. A complete list of amendments made after publication of the VTAC Guide 2016 can be found here.

Cancelled Courses

Code Course title Campus Date
Box Hill Institute
5100251994, 5100510244
Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) Box Hill, Lilydale October 2015
1700110521 Agribusiness and Food Security Distance Education October 2015
La Trobe University
2100224031, 2100224033 Civil Engineering (Honours)/Business Bendigo October 2015
2100224051, 2100224053 Civil Engineering (Honours)/Science Bendigo October 2015
2100321251, 2100321253 Computer Systems Engineering (Honours) Melbourne October 2015
2100321231, 2100321233 Computer Science (Honours)/Electronic Engineering (Honours) Melbourne October 2015
2100321761, 2100321763 Electronic Engineering (Honours) Melbourne October 2015
2100321241, 2100321243 Electronic Technology Melbourne October 2015
2100322391, 2100322393 Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering (Honours) Melbourne October 2015

New Courses

Institution and Code Course Title Campus Added
Australian Catholic University
1200110171, 1200210171 Theology/Philosophy Ballarat, Melbourne October 2015
Box Hill Institute
5100151334 Disability City October 2015
5100110164 Nursing City October 2015
5100151364 Youth Work City October 2015

Campus changes

Victoria University
Business – Enterprise (Diploma) 4300842191 Footscray Nicholson 4300242191 City Flinders October 2015

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