Reminder: one-time login details for statements of support – how to check status and what to do if the email is not received

How to check the status of a one-time login

Go to the Statement of support” page from the SEAS or Scholarships tab of the user account:


A list is displayed of all one-time logins that have been generated. All statements that have not yet been provided are clearly marked “not used”:

Status of one-time logins
Generated but not yet sent to provider:seas2
Sent to provider but not yet entered:seas3
Statement submitted by provider and attached to application:seas4

We recommend that all applicants review their generated logins prior to the SEAS and Scholarships closing dates, and remind the providers where any statements are still listed as “not used”.

What do if the provider has deleted or not received the email

If the provider has accidentally deleted the email, the student can provide them with the one-time username and password displayed on the statement of support page in their user account, along with this link:

The link is the same for both SEAS and Scholarships statements of support – the statement provided will be uploaded to the application(s) specified by the student when the login details were generated.

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