Reminder: SEAS applications and supporting documentation closing Tuesday 6 October (5pm)

The SEAS (special consideration) application closing date is 5pm Tuesday 6 October. This closing date applies to both submission of SEAS applications and submission of any required supporting documentation, including SNAP and PPP endorsements. Late submission of documentation is not possible.

If students are yet to submit required documentation at this stage, we advise that they either:

  • send hard copy documentation today accompanied with the correct coversheet by Express Post so that it is received by the deadline; or
  • upload scanned copies of the documentation in their user account from the “SEAS” tab prior to the deadline; or
  • submit hard copy documentation over the counter at the VTAC office (40 Park Street, South Melbourne) during business hours prior to the deadline.

If students have generated any one-time login details for online submission of Statements of Support, we recommend that they confirm through their user account these have been used to provide a statement. Please see our earlier blog post for more information about how to check the status of one-time logins.

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