VCE prerequisite and course planner now available

Please find below instructions for accessing the new VCE prerequisite and course planner tool. The tool is in the final stages of testing and is now available for use by careers practitioners and students, although not yet linked from the VTAC website. We welcome your feedback on the VCE prerequisite and course planner tool.

To access the tool, visit:

Detailed instructions are available on that page, along with the tool’s limitations. In particular, please note that the tool does not indicate eligibility for receiving an ATAR or successful completion of the VCE – it is purely for prerequisite planning.

Please also note that the ATAR range search feature and the ability to search VICTER  are not yet available. We have decided to release the tool for now without these features to avoid further development delays.

The main suggested use of the tool is for a student to enter a current or planned VCE Unit 3 & 4 program, and receive search results listing all courses they are eligible for: courses where they meet the perquisites and courses without prerequisites.

There are advanced filters available to refine the search options, including searching by keyword. The option to filter by level of qualification can be used to remove many courses without prerequisites from the search results.

6 replies

  1. Thank you for making this available to us again. When you are searching, and subsequently add to your shortlist, is there any way that the tool can take you back to the main search, starting back where you left off, rather than going back to the top of the search each time.

  2. Still would like the capacity for it to list all courses which specify a (single) named prerequisite eg list all courses which have a chemistry prerequisite. Many students have queries about an either/or subject rather the total picture.

  3. Checked which Engineering courses come up for students not doing maths methods and only further maths, and Monash Biomedical/Engineering comes up-this shouldnt as methods is a prerequisite.

    • Hi Sue,

      Could you please let me know exactly what your search parameters were so that I can follow up this issue? I did an example search with the following, and Biomedical/Engineering was not returned as a result:

      Institution “Monash University”, with campus “All”, with interest in “All”, with qualification level as “All”, prerequisites subjects [English , Maths: Further Mathematics (Unit 3 & 4), Music Performance (Unit 3 & 4)],


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