CourseLink screencast: logging in, sorting, filtering, and accessing course preferences

VTAC is producing a series of screencasts to provide instructions and tips to careers practitioners for the use of VTAC CourseLink. The first screencast explains how to log in, sort, filter, and accessing course preferences.

We will publish additional screencasts for other functionality. Please let us know if there are any particular aspects of CourseLink that you would like to see explained in a screencast.

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  1. thanks Michael for the 1st screencast for courselink. Would it be possible to also have one for printing out the full student list that shows the name of the courses (like we used to do by putting into an excel sheet)?

  2. Hi Deb,

    Great suggestion – we will look at doing one of those soon! For now, the basic procedure is to download the text file from the course preferences report and open it in Microsoft Word – each student should then be on their own page.


  3. Hi Michael, I recall that in the past I could check that students are in enrolled in VCE subjects that are prerequisites for the courses on their preference list. I see that in an individual student course preference list there are two columns – “Subject Satisfaction” and “Prerequisites Met” yet there is nothing entered in these columns. I am hoping that there will be a “Yes” or “No” to be seen soon. When will this info be available?

    • Hi Juli,

      Thanks for your query – our IT department are still working on this feature, and we expect it should be available in roughly the next two weeks.


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