2016 VTAC Website and CourseSearch now live

The 2016 VTAC website has a new look, new structure, better navigation and new CourseSearch features including a prerequisite search. Before applications open on Monday 3 August, take some time to have a look to explore the website. Your feedback to schoolsliaison@vtac.edu.au will be most welcome.

website front page

What’s new for 2016?

  • VTAC website:
    • New look and structure to the 2016 VTAC website, better navigation.
    • New approach to how information is presented. Each section has an introductory chapter. Information is now task driven rather than by process.
  • CourseSearch
    • Has been expanded to include a Prerequisite CourseSearch for Years 10, 11 and 12 students.
    • Keyword search currently searches in major studies, course name and qualification name.
      • A series of filters are currently being developed to further refine the search by course/qualification name or major study.
      • Keyword can also be used to search by institution or course code.
    • The short list can be emailed to more than one person at a time.
  • Change of preference
    • Dates and times available here
    • Change of preference re-opens for short window to accommodate IB and interstate applicants: 4 January between 10am and 4pm.
  • The registration process:
    • Year 12 students include their VCAA student number as part of their registration, but will then be allocated a unique VTAC ID.  As usual, all applicants choose their own PIN.
    • Look out for links to demonstrations (available in early August), and tips for getting it right.
  • SEAS and Scholarships 
    • Category 5 of SEAS has been integrated into SEAS Category 1.
    • Applicants can upload supporting documentation for SEAS and Scholarships via their User Account (available from 3 August 2015).
  • Institutional policies are included on institutional pages, as well as located in topic specific sections of the website. Check out this year’s information on student services, when to apply for accommodation, deferment, enrolment, credit transfer, pathways and more.

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