VTAC eGuide 2016 now available

The VTAC eGuide 2016 is now available from Google Play Books stores for $4.99.

The eGuide contains entries for every course offered through VTAC including full selection criteria and prerequisites.

Google Play Books can be used on both Android and Apple phones and tablets, Macs, Windows PCs, and reading online in a web browser.


New to downloading an e-book and looking for some help? Here are some instructions we’ve put together to make it easier for first time users: The VTAC eGuide 2016 instructions.


Edit (30/07/2015): This post has been updated to reflect the removal of the VTAC Guide 2016 from the Apple iBooks store, due to restrictions set by the retailer.

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6 replies

  1. The time for COP for IB students has been shortened to 4p.m on the 4th of January. Given there are a number of students seeking advice during this time and some overseas it is not practical to give students 6 hours from the time they receive their results. Can this closing date be changed please? Last year it was on the 5th

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it was necessary to make the deadline as it is for this year to ensure that IB students won’t be disadvantaged in terms of selection. We do appreciate it is a small window and will keep pushing for more time when next year’s dates are being decided.

      Kind regards,

  2. What a rotten system for downloading information that should be more readily available. Who wants to set up an account for a commercial enterprise that I may never use again. Lift your game VTAC – I have 7 -12 interstate students wanting to apply to Victorian institutions this year and every year we have to order a couple of vtac guides from the newsagent (which arrive a bit late)…can’t send 1 complimentary copy to a 2000 student college interstate? an online course search only goes so far- your web page is not that easy to navigate.

  3. i am having trouble purchasing the eGuide, do i have to have an account? it keeps saying there’s an error with my purchase, try again later.

    • Hi Jan, if there is an error in the Google Play app, it’s best to contact Google about that and they can troubleshoot any issues you’re having with the platform.

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