Slides for Careers Practitioner Briefings and parent seminars now available

The slides for this year’s Careers Practitioner Briefings are now available for participants to download and bring to the briefings for note-taking:

Careers Practioner Briefing

New Careers Practitioner Briefing

The parents’ seminar slides with notes for careers practitioners are also now available for use in your own presentations:

Parents briefing

These presentations will also be available from the Careers Practitioners Website shortly, following the completion of a systems transition.

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2 replies

  1. why are there only a small number of slides (and a large number of empty slides) in the parent presentation briefing? I usually transfer the slides I want from the careers briefing but it would be easier to remove the ones I don’t want than having to transfer most of them

    • Hi Damian, There are 43 slides on the parent presentation and all seem to be working when we download them. I would try downloading and saving them using a different browser.

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