VTAC Information Session Resources

VTAC runs community information sessions around Victoria for students, parents, and members of the community considering a return to study.

We have produced a series of promotional materials that can be used by Careers Practitioners to promote the sessions to their school communities:

  • An A3 poster (can also be printed A4)
  • A quarter-page advertisement designed for inclusion in school newsletters

VTAC will also be running advertisements in some regional newspapers to promote the sessions.

Please follow the links below to download the promotional materials for the session nearest your school.


Phoenix P-12 Community College
Sebastopol Campus Community Hub
Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol
7:00-8:00pm, Tuesday 21 July
Ballarat Poster (A3)
Ballarat Newsletter Ad
Benalla P-12 College
Barkly Street Campus Theatrette
41-55 Barkly Street, Benalla
6:30-7:30pm, Tuesday 11 August
Benalla Poster (A3)
Benalla Newsletter Ad
La Trobe University, Bendigo Campus
Circular Lecture Theatre, Engineering Building
Edwards Road, Flora Hill
6:00-7:30pm, Wednesday 5 August
Bendigo Poster (A3)
Bendigo Newsletter Ad
St Margaret’s School
Rosanove Auditorium
27-47 Gloucester Ave, Berwick
7:00-8:00pm, Wednesday 19 August
Berwick Poster (A3)
Berwick Newsletter Ad
Monash University, Peninsula Campus
Theatre F1.01, Building F
McMahons Rd, Frankston
6:30-7:30pm, Thursday 23 July
Frankston Poster (A3)
Frankston Newsletter Ad
Gisborne Secondary College
B Block
Melton Rd, Gisborne
7:00-8:00pm, Wednesday 29 July
Gisborne Poster (A3)
Gisborne Newsletter Ad
The Hamilton & Alexandra College
Performing Arts Centre (Auditorium)
1 Chaucer St, Hamilton
7:00-8:00pm, Tuesday 11 August
Hamilton Poster (A3)
Hamilton Newsletter Ad
Wimmera Trade Training Centre Auditorium
Baillie Street, Horsham
7:00-8:00pm, Monday 10 August
Horsham Poster (A3)
Horsham Newsletter Ad
Kilbreda College Hall
118 Mentone Parade, Mentone
7:00-8:00pm, Thursday 30 July
Mentone Poster (A3)
Mentone Newsletter Ad
La Trobe University, Mildura Campus
Brian Grogan Lecture Theatre
471 Benetook Avenue, Mildura
6:00-8:00pm, Tuesday 4 August
Mildura Poster (A3)
Mildura Newsletter Ad
Parkdale Secondary College
Senior Centre
Warren Rd, Mordialloc
7:00-8:00pm, Tuesday 28 July
Mordialloc Poster (A3)
Mordialloc Newsletter Ad
St Mary’s Hall
Pearson Street, Sale
7:00-8:00pm, Monday 20 July
Sale Poster (A3)
Sale Newsletter Ad
Galen Catholic College
Max Fletcher Auditorium
188 – 244 Phillipson St, Wangaratta
7:00-8:00pm, Monday 10 August
Wangaratta Poster (A3)
Wangaratta Newsletter Ad
St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School
Miller’s Factory Year 9 Centre
57-69 Sutton Street, Warragul
6:30-7:30pm, Tuesday 21 July
Warragul Poster (A3)
Warragul Newsletter Ad
Deakin University, Warrnambool Campus
Building G – Lecture Theatre G1.01
Princess Hwy, Warrnambool
6:30-7:30pm, Thursday 13 August
Warrnambool Poster (A3)
Warrnambool Newsletter Ad





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