Printed VTAC Guide orders for 2015 now open

Ordering of printed copies of the VTAC Guide 2016 is now open through VTAC CourseLink.

Note: This information applies to schools within Victoria only. Ordering of guides interstate is arranged through Newsagents. Please contact your local Newsagent to arrange ordering, payment, and delivery.

There are two categories of printed Guide deliveries:

Reference copies (free)
  • Number of copies automatically determined by Year 12 student enrolment numbers (approximately 1 copy per 15 students)
  • Free of charge
  • Delivered to the school by VTAC’s courier
Ordered copies ($12 each)
  • Ordered through VTAC CourseLink
  • Nominated Newsagent will invoice the school for payment
  • Delivered to the school by nominated Newsagent

In addition to the reference copies of the Guide, free copies of the ABC of Applying for every Year 12 student, and CHOICE for every Year 10 student are sent to schools.

Year 12 enrolment numbers are supplied by the VCAA, however schools must enter the correct number of Year 10 enrolments through VTAC CourseLink to ensure that they receive sufficient copies of CHOICE for all students.

Action needed

What you must do:

  • Log in to VTAC CourseLink and enter the number of Year 10 students enrolled at your school.

Optional step (if you wish to order additional copies of the VTAC Guide at $12 each):

  • Log in to VTAC CourseLink and select the number of additional copies of the VTAC Guide you would like to order. You will receive a receipt, and your nominated Newsagent will contact you later in the year to arrange payment and delivery.

NB: The VTAC eGuide 2016 will be available on Apple iBooks and Google Play Books for an introductory price of $4.99. We will publish another post with more information on this later in the year.

9 replies

  1. Thank you for this information.
    Will a VTAC eGuide 2016 be available for purchase $4.99 as previously published

    Kind regards
    Alison Fankhauser

    • Hi Alison,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the VTAC eGuide will be available for $4.99 this year on Apple iBooks and Google Play Books. We will publish a new post with more information about this once it is available.


    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your interest. Nothing new to report on the eGuide at the moment, it is still on track to be available on the Apple iBooks and Google Play Books stores for $4.99 in late July.


      • Thanks for the information. Looking forward to this. Is there a flyer or image available so I can advertise this exciting development to my students?

      • Hi Mark,

        We don’t have a flyer available at the moment, but we’ll post any promotional materials here as they become available.


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