Student CourseLink to merge with VTAC CourseSearch

VTAC CourseSearch will become the definitive source of online course information, including prerequisite and study program search.

Woman using CourseSearchStudent CourseLink currently allows Victorian students to enter or retrieve their study program, and search for courses on that basis. To broaden access to this tool, we are adding prerequisite and study program filtering to CourseSearch, the canonical source of VTAC course information. After this functionality has been added to CourseSearch, Student CourseLink will be discontinued, and students will need to access these features through CourseSearch instead.

As new privacy legislation restricts the use of the VCAA number to log in to a VTAC service, students will no longer be able to automatically retrieve their VCE study program and will need to manually select their subjects in order to use CourseSearch with their own study plan.

Why this change?

  • We want to make the advanced searching features accessible to all applicants. Unlike Student CourseLink, CourseSearch does not require registration to use, so it is easier for students to access, and there is no need to remember a PIN.
  • Student CourseLink was designed and built many years ago, and cannot run on VTAC’s newest and most reliable servers, leading to occasional downtime. Integration of these features into CourseSearch will make them more reliably available.
  • New privacy regulations prevent Year 11/12 CourseLink from continuing to operate in its current state.

10 replies

  1. Any idea when this will roll out – good to have it organised pre-Term 3 when Year 10 subject selections occur and Courselink is well utilised at this time?

    • Hi Trish,

      We don’t have an exact date for deployment yet as this depends on the progress of the IT development. It will be available before the start of applications opening, and ideally before then for testing and training.


  2. Echoing Trish Dolan here – any idea when this change will happen? Many of us meet with our Year 10 students this term to discuss their VCE subject selection, and CourseLink is always used.

    • Hi Jacky,

      Per our comment above, we don’t have an exact date for deployment yet. CourseLink will remain available in the interim and can be used by your Year 10 students this term.


  3. – Could you provide us with a Powerpoint or youtube video at the time of the roll out in time for Year 10 subject selection,(Late term 2, early Term 3) asap to assist with training the team.
    – Will it be possible for Student Courselink to provide the same detailed breakdown of courses by interest, as we have available as careers practitioners.
    – I find CourseSearch does at least one some thing better than Courselink. When wanting to combine two discipline areas without necessarily doing a double degree. ie Searching by major within two areas of interest.. Eg Psychology major within Business, Business Management within Creative courses. I hope we don’t lose that functionality.

  4. It would be good to see this updated product as soon as possible to see how we can use it with our students as we come up to the subject selection period. The student Course Link is great to help students understand about fields of study, particularly for Year 12 students who can then start to hone into the courses of most interest rather than just a majors search. Be interested to see this product ASAP.

    • Hi Kirsten,

      Thanks for your comment. We will endeavour to have the new CourseSearch updated and available for testing by Careers Practitioners as early in the year as possible.


  5. Hi,

    Sorry, but I’m repeating everyone else’s question hoping that you have an answer now that it’s nearly the end of Term 2. I’m planning lessons for the first 3 weeks of next term when I usually get students to investigate using courselink and coursesearch and want to know if I need to keep them the same or update them. Do you have a date yet for when the two will be merged?

    • Hi Kimberley,

      The new CourseSearch will be available around the time of applications opening (late July/early August). The archived CourseSearch and archived CourseLink Search will remain available with 2015 courses until that time.


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