Accessing VCE Results and the ATAR in 2015

Access to the VCE Results and ATAR service for 2015 will be using the VCAA Student Number and Results Service PIN only.

VTAC applicants will be allocated a separate VTAC ID and PIN upon registration.

In previous years, Year 12 students have been able to access their results via the Internet or SMS by logging in with their VCAA student number and either VCAA or VTAC PIN. New privacy regulations prohibit the use of the VCAA student number combined with the VTAC PIN for accessing VTAC information (e.g. the ATAR). For this reason, the VTAC PIN will no longer be used to access the Joint Results Service.

Accessing the VCE Results and ATAR service

Students will log in to the Joint Results Service using their VCAA student number, and Results Service PIN. The Results Service PIN will be initially based on the student’s date of birth, and can then be changed. We will be strongly encouraging students to change their Results Service PIN early in the year to avoid unauthorised access to their personal information.

VTAC Applications

Students will be allocated a VTAC ID and PIN when registering with VTAC. The VTAC ID will no longer be the same as the student’s VCAA number.

The Results Service PIN and the VTAC PIN will be separate: changing the VTAC PIN will not change the Results Service PIN and vice versa.

Detailed information on accessing results and changing the Results Service PIN will be published later in the year.

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