Farewell Negotiated Offers; Hello Change of Preference

Negotiated Offers will no longer exist for course applications from 2015 onwards. Instead, Change of Preference will be reopened between offer rounds.

In previous years, course preferences could not be changed after December, and Negotiated Offers were a parallel process that ran after the first offer round whereby applicants could request, one course at a time, offers for lower preference courses, or courses not on their preference list. From this year onwards, applicants who have changed their mind about which course they want to study will simply adjust their preferences after an offer round, irrespective of whether or not they have received an offer.

This change does not affect the Supplementary Offers process.

How will it work?

Change of Preference will close a few days prior to each offer round (exact dates will be published on the VTAC website in May), and reopen the day after each offer round (until the last round). Previously, rounds 1 and 2 were general offer rounds, and rounds 3, 4, and 5 existed only to formalise Negotiated and Supplementary Offers.  Now, applicants will be able to change their preferences between all 5 offer rounds, and receive offers in all five rounds (if selected by institutions).

Why this change?

  • Negotiated offers were a complicated process, and customer service calls and emails showed that many applicants did not properly understand the Negotiated Offers process. The Course Preference system is generally well-understood, and this change simply extends a process that all applicants have already used.
  • The Negotiated Offers process only allowed applicants to apply for one course at a time, and applicants would have to wait for a rejection from an institution before being able to apply for another course. With Change of Preference reopening, applicants will now be able to apply for multiple new courses in each round.
  • Change of Preference before Round 1 will now stay open until early January, giving students more time to consider and update their preferences.

More information and detailed tutorials will be available on the VTAC website and this blog later in the year.

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